West St. John Civic group seeking new members to help community

Published 12:00 am Friday, February 8, 2008


Staff Reporter

EDGARD- The West St. John Civic Association is gearing up for their second year membership drive.

Included in the groups goals are trying to increase parental involvement in education, decrease drug usage in the community and provide recreational and social activities for residents of West St. John.

“There are some things we can do as individuals and as a group that can make things better,” said West St. John Civic Association President Chermaine Roybiskie. “There are some things the government can’t do that we can.”

Roybiskie said the group came together a year and three months ago at the behest of former Councilman Lester Rainey and school board member Russell Jack in order to give a more organized voice to the residents of West St. John and to improve living standards in the community.

“It is taxing,” said Roybiskie. “Especially if you need to get things done in the community.”

To meet their goals they have had a door-to-door education awareness drive, networked with the Sheriff to get more deputy visibility, participated in the getting the new park in Edgard and hosted a number of social activities.

Last month they organized the more than one hundred strong second annual Martin Luther King, Jr. march.

Past activities have included the initial MLK march last year, the bicentennial celebration and a political debate before the last elections.

Given that Roybiskie put in 34 years as a teacher on the west bank and that Jack is one of the founding members, it is not surprising that part of increasing the quality life of the community is through a focus on education.

She welcomes anyone who is interested in helping to join the group Monday, Feb. 11 2008 at 6 p.m. at the St. John the Baptist Courthouse in Edgard. The Association is asking for dues of $200 a year plus a $10 joining fee. Dues go to support activities organized by the group.