St. James School Board increases pay for all certified substitute teachers, others

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 29, 2008

LUTCHER – In an initiative to make certified substitute teachers amongst the highest paid in the southeastern Louisiana, members of the St. James Parish School Board approved the request to increase the pay of substitute teachers as well as all other temporary employees of the system.

Instructors with a teaching certificate serving in a temporary employment role will be compensated at the rate of $126.00 per day. Substitute teachers with a degree will now earn $75.00 per day, while non-degreed substitutes will be paid $60.00 per day.

Substitute bus-drivers will also earn $67.00 per day, an increase from the most recent increase of $42.00.

Substitutes that work for 25 or more consecutive days, known as long-term substitutes, in the same position, will be paid the higher rate of that job classification retroactive to the first day of the 25 consecutive days.

The increase in pay for temporary employees of the system began on January 8, 2008, and will continue throughout this school year into the 2008-2009 school year.

“I am pleased that the Board supported raising the pay of substitutes, especially the certified substitutes. This will help us ensure that all of our students will have quality instruction when our regular teachers are absent,” said SJPPSS Superintendent, Dr. Alonzo Luce.