Gators race past Wildcats at St. Amant

Published 12:00 am Friday, January 25, 2008


Sports Editor

After losing two consecutive games in overtime last week, St. Amant halted a losing streak from developing by defeating East St. John 9-1 on the Gators’ field.

Tia Casadaban, returning from an injury that had sidelined her in recent weeks, scored the Wildcats’ lone goal.

The game was called 15 minutes early by the two head coaches, due to what East St. John Coach Jason Beber said was an injury concern on both sides because of lax officiating.

“The officiating way very out of line,” Beber said. “And not just on our side, for both sides. They weren’t calling anything, and when you let two teams go and play too physically, players can get hurt.”

Beber said that he felt the officials missed some obvious offsides calls as well, directly leading to three Gator goals.

That said, he wouldn’t place the blame for the loss squarely at the feet of the officials.

“I can take nothing away from St. Amant (5-14-3, 4-4). They’ve got a high scoring, very fast and skilled team,” Beber said. “We’re certainly rebuilding, and considering we’ve seen these district teams score 18-20 goals on others, we’re doing a pretty solid job holding them to 9 and 10.”

Beber used three goalies during the game, starting Amber Remondet, who was the team’s usual goalkeeper until an injury relegated her to the field, Jordyn Remondet, and Terri Franklin, who has been the keeper since Remondet’s injury. St. Amant got 45 shots off on goal while Franklin was in, and only converted four.

“I wanted to see what our depth looked like for next season,” Beber said. “Terri wasn’t feeling good coming in, but she wanted to give it a go. She did a phenomenal job. All the coaches we play have been really impressed by her. They can’t believe that she’s in her first year at the position.”

East St. John (5-9, 0-9) finished its season against District 6-I leader Dutchtown on Friday night, after press time.