Business advice helps in making sure goals for 2008 are met

Published 12:00 am Friday, January 18, 2008


Editor and Publisher

LAPLACE – It seemed like a simple question asked by Annette Wray, owner of Advent Technologies.

“Why do we set goals for each year, and then so often end the year and don’t make them?” she asked the audience members at the LaPlace Rotary Club.

Wray, who also does motivational speaking to businesses, was trying to help the men and women in attendance see 2008 finish as a more productive year than 2007.

The answer, Wray said, is not being held accountable by someone to motivate us to make our goals.

And the motivation to make those goals, usually comes from one of four things.

“Financial gain, recognition, gaining additional skills or knowledge, and doing things for others are usually the reasons we are motivated to achieve our goals,” Wray said. “So first, you have to figure out what motivates you.”

From there, you should share your goals with a friend, or someone who will hold you accountable during the year to see how you are doing.

“When you share your goals with someone, it makes you accountable to not quit on them,” Wray explained. “And you also can motivate yourself to continue after your goal if you put yourself in a team of people who have similar goals.”

Wray’s background has seen her reach her goals in a big way, to the point of now owning two companies. She is owner and president of both Advent Communications, and Advantage On Hold, two voice mail related companies.

She made it clear that another important aspect of making your goals each year is to keep them attainable.

“You have to make sure your goals are realistic,” she said. “But once you make sure they are goals you can achieve, then you should share them with family or employees, and then make sure you follow up with those involved in helping you make your goals.”

Wray added that “the best and safest thing to do in your life is to keep balance throughout everything. If you do that, you are wise,” she said in reciting a famous quote.