Willowdale falls for first time in 2007, loses to Mimosa, 631-448

Published 12:00 am Monday, July 2, 2007

Willowdale’s David Vial, Tyler Massimini, and Drew Ward each took three individual first place finishes Wednesday, but it was not enough to keep Willowdale from dropping its first meet of the season, 631-448 to Mimosa.

Mimosa took a 159-103 lead after the freestyle event, and it grew to a 429-289 lead after all individual events were through.

&#8220(Willowdale) swam hard and swam well,” said Willowdale coach Nikki Bordelon. &#8220Although we lost, I’m still proud of them.”

Willowdale fell to 2-1 on the season.

Leah Wilson, and Betsy Chester each took two first place finishes. Others finishing first in events were Josh Sandoz, Bailey Wilson, and Grace Poret.

Willowdale Results

6 & under boys

Julian Brezinsky, 3rd freestyle

6 & under girls

Brianna Plaisance, 3rd freestyle

Chelsea Plaisance, 3rd backstroke

7 & 8 boys

Will Schneider, 3rd freestyle

David Vial, 1st backstroke, 1st breaststroke, 1st butterfly

7 & 8 girls

Allison Plaisance, 2nd freestyle, 3rd breaststroke, 3rd butterfly

Leah Wilson, 1st backstroke, 1st breaststroke, 2nd butterfly

9 & 10 boys

Warren Massimini, 3rd freestyle, 3rd breaststroke

Jacob Plache, 3rd backstroke

9 & 10 girls

Grace Poret, 1st backstroke, 3rd breaststroke

Aimee Ecuyer, 3rd butterfly

Stephanie Chester, 2nd freestyle, 2nd butterfly

11 & 12 boys

Tyler Massimini, 1st freestyle, 1st breaststroke, 1st butterfly

11 & 12 girls

Emma Taylor, 2nd breaststroke

Bailey Wilson, 1st breaststroke

13 & 14 boys

Hunter McDonald, 3rd freestyle, 3rd butterfly

Betsy Chester, 1st freestyle, 2nd breaststroke, 1st butterfly

Laura Sandoz, 2nd freestyle, 2nd backstroke, 3rd butterfly

15 – 18 boys

Drew Wood, 1st freestyle, 1st backstroke, 1st butterfly

Josh Sandoz, 1st breaststroke

Andrew Sandoz, 2nd breaststroke

Michael Bell, 3rd butterfly

15 – 18 girls

Shanon Briner, 3rd backstroke, 2nd butterfly

Kelsey McGill, 2nd breaststroke

Elizabeth Suss, 3rd breaststroke