Guidry, Guidry, Wilking help Riverlands stay undefeated

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Victory over Belle Terre sets up championship meet with Larayo


Sports Editor

Maddie Guidry, Merryn Guidry, and Kyle Wilking each had three first place finishes Thursday night to help keep Riverlands undefeated this season, as the Stingrays defeated the Belle Terre Piranhas, 365-183, at Belle Terre.

Riverlands (4-0) will face undefeated Larayo this Thursday night at Larayo in a meet that will determine the regular season champion of the River Parish Swim League.

&#8220The hard work everyone here has put in is really paying off,” said Riverlands Coach Carla Lambert. &#8220I thought our kids did very well, improving times, and also in the relays.”

Riverlands led 67.5-40.5 after the freestyle event; 139.5-75.5 after the backstroke; 202.5-115.5 after the breaststroke; and 263.5-144.5 after the butterfly.

Jeffery Cupit, Shelbi St. Pierre, Grace Richoux, Emile Cupit, and Matt Torres were others who captured multiple first place finishes.

Lambert credited Wilking and Merryn Guidry for standing out all season long and leading by example, helping the Stingrays make a big improvement from 2006 to 2007.

&#8220Merryn is always striving to improve on her times,” Lambert said. &#8220Kyle’s a dedicated year-round swimmer, he’s very talented.”

Guidry finished first in the freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke events among 13 & 14 year old girls. She credits Riverlands’ success this season to an improvement in dedication across the board.

&#8220We work hard in practice, even on days when we have meets scheduled,” Guidry said. &#8220Everyone really wants to succeed this year.”

For Belle Terre (1-5), Gage Alleman led the way with three first place wins, and James Krawczyk, Tyler Songy, and Lacey LeBouef each had two first place finishes.

Belle Terre will have a bye Thursday, before preparations get underway for the River Parish Swim League Invitational, which begins July 6 at Riverlands.

Belle Terre Coach Kellie Forster credited many on her team as having improved by leaps and bounds from the start of the season. In particular, she cited Marcus Brinkman, who took 3rd place in the breaststroke on Thursday, as having come a long way.

&#8220He’s grown up a lot this year,” Forster said of Brinkman. &#8220He’s done an awesome job, he’s dedicated, at practice every single day and he’s gotten better.”

Of her newer swimmers this year, she said that Noah Duncan and Darrian Young have come a long way.

&#8220They’re here early every morning, working to improve,” Forster said.

Riverlands @ Belle Terre Results


6 & under boys

Cody Moore, 1st freestyle

Jude Guidry, 2nd freestyle, 2nd backstroke

Jeremy Moore, 3rd freestyle, 3rd backstroke

6 & under girls

Sarah Guidry, 2nd freestyle, 2nd backstroke

Morgan Williams, 3rd freestyle

Anna Guidry, 3rd backstroke, 1st breaststroke

7 & 8 boys

Rhett LeBlanc, 3rd freestyle, 1st backstroke

Jeffery Cupit, 1st freestyle, 1st breaststroke, 2nd butterfly

Wesley Melancon, 2nd backstroke, 2nd breaststroke, 1st butterfly

Stephen Guidry, 3rd breaststroke

Trey Catoire, 3rd butterfly

7 & 8 girls

Shelbi St. Pierre, 1st freestyle, 3rd backstroke, 1st butterfly

Grace Richoux, 2nd freestyle, 1st backstroke, 1st breaststroke

Shana Breaux, 3rd freestyle, 2nd backstroke, 2nd butterfly

Natalie St. Martin, 2nd breaststroke

9 & 10 boys

Albert Hane, 1st freestyle, 3rd (T) breaststroke, 3rd butterfly

Daniel Jaubert, 2nd freestyle, 3rd backstroke, 3rd (T) breaststroke

Emile Cupit, 1st backstroke, 1st butterfly

Cameron Torres, 2nd backstroke, 1st breaststroke, 2nd butterfly

7 & 8 girls

Stevie Noyes, 3rd freestyle, 1st backstroke

Sophie Miller, 2nd freestyle, 2nd butterfly

Charley Arceneaux, 2nd backstroke, 1st breaststroke, 3rd butterfly

11 & 12 boys

Jack Young, 3rd freestyle

Andre St. Martin, 2nd freestyle, 2nd backstroke, 2nd butterfly

Patrick Cupit, 3rd backstroke, 3rd butterfly

11 & 12 girls

Kelsey Richoux, 2nd freestyle, 1st backstroke, 3rd butterfly

Maddie Guidry, 1st freestyle, 1st breaststroke, 1st butterfly

Jenna Tregre, 3rd backstroke

Ansley St. Pierrem 2nd breaststroke

13 & 14 boys

Matt Torres, 2nd freestyle, 1st backstroke, 1st butterfly

13 & 14 girls

Lauren Smith, 2nd freestyle, 2nd backstroke, 1st butterfly

Merryn Guidry, 1st freestyle, 1st backstroke, 1st breaststroke

Olivia Millet, 3rd freestyle

Courtney Frederick, 3rd backstroke

Laura Hane, 2nd (T) breaststroke

MacKenzie Millet, 2nd (T) breaststroke, 2nd butterfly

15-18 boys

Brian Comiskey, 3rd freestyle, 2nd breaststroke

Trey Guidry, 2nd (T) backstroke

Kyle Wilking, 1st backstroke, 1st breaststroke, 1st butterfly

Alex Zenicki, 2nd butterfly

Belle Terre:

6 & under boys

Tyler Songy, 1st backstroke, 1st breaststroke

6 & under girls

Lacey LeBouef, 1st freestyle, 1st backstroke

Addison Smith, 2nd breaststroke

7 & 8 boys

Sean Doody, 2nd freestyle

Michael Boudreaux, 3rd backstroke

7 & 8 girls

Olivia Spangenberg, 3rd backstroke, 3rd breaststroke

9 & 10 boys

Darrian Young, 3rd freestyle

Kegan Gilles, 2nd breaststroke

9 & 10 girls

Giselle Jase, 1st freestyle, 3rd backstroke, 2nd breaststroke

Madison Torres, 3rd breaststroke

Rebecca Grote, 1st butterfly

11 & 12 boys

Gage Alleman, 1st freestyle, 1st backstroke, 1st butterfly

Justin Jase, 2nd breaststroke

Derrick Felton, 3rd breaststroke

11 & 12 girls

Cari Jane Roussel, 3rd freestyle, 2nd backstroke, 2nd butterfly

Morgan Torres, 3rd breaststroke

13& 14 boys

James Krawczyk, 1st freestyle, 1st breaststroke, 2nd butterfly

Cody McMurry, 3rd freestyle, 2nd breaststroke

Blaine Tatje, 3rd backstroke, 3rd breaststroke

Marcus Springer, 2nd backstroke

Marcus Brinkman, 3rd breaststroke

13 & 14 girls

Leila Boudreaux, 3rd butterfly

15-18 boys

Scott Lawless, 1st freestyle, 2nd (T) backstroke, 3rd breaststroke

Ashton Torres, 3rd freestyle

Matt Stell, 3rd butterfly

15-18 girls

Lauren Broussard, 1st breaststroke

Lauren Bailey, 1st freestyle, 2nd backstroke, 2nd butterfly

Allie Gonzales, 2nd freestyle, 1st backstroke, 3rd butterfly

Jennifer Broussard, 3rd freestyle, 2nd breaststroke, 1st butterfly

Alexis Bailey, 3rd backstroke, 3rd breaststroke