Barracudas remain undefeated at season’s midway point

Published 12:00 am Monday, June 25, 2007

Six swimmers each take three first place finishes to lead Larayo over Ellington

Defending River Parish Swim League champion Larayo won its fourth contest in a row on Monday, notching a 495-49 victory at home over Ellington to move to 4-0 on the year.

Rain delayed the start of the event, but also contributed to a surge of swimming talent that would be available to go: had the rain not led to a series of postponed baseball games in the area, those who would have been playing in the game would have not been at the meet to swim.

&#8220With the games rained out, it leads to chaos at these meets,” said Larayo Coach Michelle Jensen. &#8220It went well though. Everyone got a chance to swim for the most part.”

Larayo Assistant Coach Kelly Cupit said that that course of events allowed swimmers to change things up, and swim in different scenarios and events than they otherwise would have.

&#8220All the kids were having fun,” said Cupit. &#8220There was a lot of moving around, it gave the kids a chance to swim different strokes, which was good for everybody.”

Larayo opened up a 100-8 lead after the freestyle event, and coasted from there.

&#8220They have a much smaller team than we do,” said Jensen.

Kelsie Williams, Cody Schafer, Hailey Specht, Maggie Trepagnier, Emily Brady, and Norbert Weinart each captured first place in three individual events.

Others who finished first in multiple events were: Seth LeBlanc, Madison Roussel, Jacob Jensen, Brandon Klibert, and Christie Brady.

Rounding out first place winners were Trey Lowry, Jordan Jensen, Will East, Paige Williams, Luke Jackson, Ben East, Claire Adams, Shelby Clement, Scott Keller, Jared Keating, Justin Smith, Adam Ratliff, Chelsey Brignac and Kaitlyn Vitrano.

Results from Larayo Meet

6 & under boys

Seth LeBlanc, 1st freestyle, 3rd backstroke, 1st breaststroke

Luke Brouwer, 2nd freestyle

Trey Lowry, 1st backstroke

Brice Ledet, 2nd breaststroke

6 & under girls

Shannon Monica, 2nd freestyle

Shelby Ory, 3rd freestyle, 2nd backstroke

Kelsie Williams, 1st freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke

Hannah Lowry, 3rd backstroke

7 & 8 boys

Jordan Jensen, 1st freestyle, 2nd backstroke, 2nd butterfly

Jacob Jensen, 2nd freestyle, 1st breaststroke, 1st butterfly

Logan Roussel, 3rd freestyle, 1st backstroke

Elliot Veron, 3rd backstroke

Jared Hymel, 2nd breaststroke

Trey Destivey, 3rd breaststroke

Jordan Loving, 3rd butterfly

7& 8 girls

Maddie Murphy, 2nd freestyle, 2nd backstroke, 2nd breaststroke

Madison Roussel, 3rd freestyle, 1st breaststroke, 1st backstroke

Riley Edwards, 3rd backstroke, 3rd butterfly

9 & 10 boys

Cody Schafer, 1st freestyle, 1st backstroke, 1st breaststroke

Will East, 2nd freestyle, 3rd backstroke, 1st freestyle

Brandon Hymel, 3rd freestyle, 3rd breaststroke

Patrick Adams, 2nd backstroke

Justin DuBose, 2nd breaststroke

9 & 10 girls

Hailey Specht, 1st freestyle, 1st breaststroke, 1st butterfly

Jeanne Roussel, 2nd freestyle, 3rd backstroke

Spencer Rodriguez, 3rd freestyle

Kaitlyn Lowry, 2nd backstroke, 3rd breaststroke, 3rd butterfly

Paige Williams, 1st backstroke, 2nd breaststroke, 2nd butterfly

11 & 12 boys

Brandon Klibert, 1st freestyle, 2nd breaststroke, 1st butterfly

Austin Matherne, 2nd freestyle, 2nd backstroke, 2nd butterfly

Luke Jackson, 3rd freestyle, 3rd backstroke, 1st breaststroke

Ben East, 1st backstroke, 3rd butterfly

Lane Geandron, 3rd breaststroke

11 & 12 girls

Maggie Trepagnier, 1st freestyle, 1st breaststroke, 1st butterfly

Gabrielle Levet, 2nd freestyle, 2nd butterfly

Nicole Doming, 3rd freestyle, 2nd backstroke

Claire Adams, 1st backstroke, 2nd breaststroke

Chelsie Cupit, 3rd backstroke, 3rd breaststroke

Paige Ocmond, 3rd butterfly

13 & 14 boys

Scott Keller, 3rd freestyle, 1st backstroke, 3rd butterfly

Jared Keating, 1st freestyle, 3rd breaststroke

Bradley Odom, 2nd freestyle, 1st butterfly

Austin Roussel, 2nd backstroke

Justin Smith, 1st breaststroke

Lawrence Pastreau, 2nd butterfly

13 & 14 girls

Emily Brady, 1st freestyle, 1st backstroke, 1st breaststroke

Shelby Clement, 2nd freestyle, 1st backstroke, 2nd butterfly

Lindsey Keller, 3rd freestyle, 3rd backstroke, 2nd butterfly

Riley Spillman, 2nd backstroke, 3rd butterfly

Emma Richard, 3rd breaststroke

15-18 boys

Norbert Weinert, 1st freestyle, 1st backstroke, 1st butterfly

Dane Weber, 2nd freestyle

Adam Ratliff, 3rd backstroke, 1st breaststroke

Dylan Klibert, 2nd breaststroke

15-18 girls

Christie Brady, 1st freestyle, 1st breaststroke

Jenna Keating, 2nd freestyle, 3rd breaststroke, 2nd butterfly

Chelsey Brignac, 3rd freestyle, 1st butterfly

Kaitlyn Vitrano, 1st backstroke

Elizabeth Jackson, 2nd breaststroke