Student batters teacher

Published 12:00 am Monday, May 21, 2007

Teen used explicit language, shoved teacher and punched police officer


Staff Reporter

RESERVE – Authorities arrested a 15-year-old Fifth Ward Elementary School student after he allegedly shoved a teacher into a door and punched a police officer during school hours on Thursday.

The Reserve teenager reportedly threw an object at a female student and school administration called him into the principal’s office to hand down his punishment, but he forced his way into the hall and retaliated against an arresting officer until he was restrained.

The St. John Sheriff’s Office booked the juvenile with battery on a school, battery on a police officer and resisting officer by resistance.

At roughly 10 a.m. the teenager’s teacher brought him to the principal’s office to discuss his misdeeds against a female peer and blocked the doorway to prevent him from leaving the room.

He refused to sit down and repeatedly told the teacher to move out of his way – in more explicit language – until he shoved the teacher through the doorway and uttered swear words as he left the office, according to a St. John Sheriff’s Office report.

A St. John Sheriff’s Office deputy, who had been called in by the administration, spotted the teenager in the hall and told him to stop moving.

The student threatened the officer to stay away without mentioning the consequences and turned his back to the deputy before the officer grabbed the student’s backpack to restrain him.

The teenager spun around and punched the deputy’s face with his left hand and the officer struggled with the student until another deputy cuffed the teenager.

As the officers walked the teenager to the patrol car he continuously repeated, &#8220I’m not going to jail,” and struggled with officers until they forced him into the back of the patrol car and proved his assertion wrong.

He was booked at the St. John Correctional Center at approximately 10:30 a.m. and released to his parents the same day.