River Parishes Hospital gives parents a new view

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Editor and Publisher

LAPLACE – The oohs and aahs from the women standing around a viewing screen at River Parishes Hospital this past week made you think they were watching a newborn baby.

But, in fact, it was just the picture of a baby on an ultrasound screen.

However the ladies, and even a few men who were reacting with such amazement, were doing so because of the incredible view they were actually seeing of the baby on the screen from the latest technological advancement of a 4D Ultrasound Unit at the hospital.

One pregnant woman after another came into the room and quickly jumped on the bed to get a view of their still unborn baby, since it was a picture that was amazing in detail to almost get a feel like your child was already there with you.

River Parishes Hospital CEO Scott Boudreaux said the machine is the only one in the River Parish area as he is continuing to upgrade equipment at the hospital to help people in this region not have to go far away for hospital services.

&#8220We are committed to having the top technology here so nobody has to go into New Orleans or any further away to get the best care, and the most up-to-date services a hospital can offer. We keep telling people that we have every service they need here, and I think this is just one more thing that proves we mean that,” he added.

The iU22 intelligent ultrasound system is the only machine that can offer the full array of 2D, 3D and now 4D imaging. Besides giving expectant moms and dads a great view of their child, it is also important to detect any health problems.

&#8220I do a lot of primary cases with pregnant women even though I’m not an OB-GYN,’ Dr. Anu Vellanki, an internal medicine doctor said. &#8220And this machine gives us so much detail that we can pick up developmental problems that we otherwise couldn’t see. It’s very exciting to have this here, and a great addition for our hospital.”

Sonographer Matt Donadieu said that he has even seen it help parents bond with their babies sooner than they otherwise might.

&#8220You can actually see the baby’s face and all the detail in it,” he said. &#8220This machine has a probe that sweeps all ways, rather than the other ultrasound that just got a one-plane picture. It can help us pick up birth defects and correct problems that we might not have seen before.”

The ultrasound is currently available for any expectant mothers utilizing services through River Parishes Hospital, or local physicians electing to use it.