Garyville Magnet School students put their writing to the test

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Staff Reporter

GARYVILLE- Garyville Magnet recently awarded $500 in cash prizes to its top writers in the 2007 &#8220Write About Rights” essay contest.

Students in sixth, seventh and eighth grades were asked to participate in the essay contest.

Participants in the contest were asked to look at a real court case and judge for themselves which side they think should have won the case.

Essays were judged by attorneys for the effectiveness and creativity of the argument, and students were required to back up their arguments with legal support.

Students were required to use two of three terms in their essays. They had to argue about constitutionality, due process, and equal protection of the law, and were asked to use simile, analogies and metaphors to help illustrate their points.

Prizes were awarded for the top five essays in each grade level. The top five students in each grade were given $10 cash. In addition, separate $10 prizes were awarded to the student with the best analogy, best metaphor, best simile, most persuasive argument, and most creative argument.

Other cash awards included best sixth grade essay, best seventh grade essay, and best eighth grade essay. The top essay for each grade level received $50. The writer of the overall best essay, on all levels, was given $100.

The essay contest was sponsored by LA gear-up and was initiated to encourage young people to learn valuable skills like how to write effectively and persuasively, and to enjoy writing.