Men caught by police dumping trash on Highway 51

Published 12:00 am Monday, February 19, 2007


Staff Reporter

LAPLACE – Two men were caught dumping a truckload of garbage on the roadside of Highway 51, and upon an officer’s arrival at the scene they attempted to reload a white pickup truck with the trash, but were unable to clean it fast enough to escape a fine.

Lt. Wayne Norwood spotted the garbage-filled truck on the roadside about one mile north of Peavine Road while on a routine patrol and continued driving. He stopped his car and waited a few minutes before returning to the area and watched the men unload trash on the road.

As he pulled up behind the truck both men threw the dumped trash back into the truck but weren’t able to get some plastic electric piping, shingles, insulation, plastic house siding and roof drainage into the bed before the officer saw the garbage on the ground.

Norwood called another unit to the scene and cited both men for littering.

The two men, Ronald E. Judy, 33, of 41056 Marchand Rd., Gonzalez, La. and James E. Clark, 37, of 3525 Oak Bend Rd., Tuscaloosa, Ala., were using a truck with Alabama plates to dump the trash.