Sleep is vital to losing weight effort

Published 12:00 am Monday, December 18, 2006

It’s that time of year again.  As the New Year begins, many of us are starting to make our resolutions.  Like millions of Americans, most of us have ‘lose weight’ at the top of our list.  But to reach our weight loss goals we should also resolve to get a better night’s sleep.  Contrary to popular belief, you actually need to snooze to lose!  That’s right, sleep more to weigh less.  So how can a good night’s rest impact the scale?

Lack of sleep affects hormone levels that can trigger hunger and slow down your metabolism.  In fact, a recent study shows that people who sleep less than seven to nine hours a night are up to 75 percent more likely to be obese. That’s why bestselling author and nutritionist Cherie Calbom has developed a groundbreaking program to help you slim down and rest well.  &#8220Sleep is the ingredient researchers are pointing to as the missing link in weight loss plans,” says Calbom. &#8220Many of us are tempted to think if we stay up late, we’ll burn more calories.  But this is simply not true.  Getting more sleep, such as seven to nine hours a night, is the ticket to a lean body.”

Of course, in our hectic lives, a good night’s sleep is a rarity for many Americans.  A poll sponsored by the National Sleep Foundation found that 74 percent of respondents experienced at least one symptom of a sleep disorder a few nights a week and only 30 percent of adults reported getting eight or more hours of sleep on weeknights.  That’s why Calbom’s new book, Sleep Away the Pounds, touts a comprehensive plan to improve not just the duration but also the quality of sleep. 

&#8220Lots of women are short on sleep” says Calbom.  &#8220Whether a woman suffers from insomnia, too much to do, work or relationship problems, dealing with a new baby or carrying baggage from the past-these are all things that can keep her from getting enough sleep. 

And then she’ll battle carb cravings and never know why.” 

In Sleep Away the Pounds, Calbom outlines a four step plan to improve sleep and balance out the hunger-causing hormones:

€ Step 1: Get a better night’s sleep.  Calbom offers 60 tips to help make this happen.

€ Step 2:  Reduce Stress and calm your mind to get a good night’s sleep and help reduce the stress hormones that pack on the pounds.

€ Step 3:  Exercise those pounds away!

€ Step 4:  Learn how diet can affect your sleep as well as your waistline. Follow the 21-Day Plan for weight loss success and the best sleep possible.