Disturbance at Edgard night spot leads to stabbing for one man

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Staff Reporter

EDGARD-A disturbance at the Hot Spot Bar in Edgard sent one man to the St. Charles Hospital with serious lacerations to his arms on Friday evening.

According to St. John Parish police reports a call was made to the Sheriff’s Office advising authorities of a fight where someone had been cut or stabbed inside the bar.

When police arrived on the scene they could find no witnesses to the incident and local hospitals were notified of a possible injury in connection to the incident.

At about 12:28 a.m. police were notified that a 38-year old Hahnville man had come to St. Charles hospital to be treated for arm lacerations that resulted in damaged tendons.

Mike Tregre, spokesperson for the St. John Parish Sheriff’s office said the victim, who knew the assailant only as &#8220Tash,” had told police that he and &#8220Tash” had exchanged words before and that Tash later returned to the bar where he used a piece of glass from a broken beer bottle to cut him on both forearms. The victim was also cut on his forehead between his eyes and the cut was approximately one inch in length.

Both subjects had been drinking at the time.

A witness said that he was present at the time that the two first exchanged words, but did not overhear the conversation between the two men.

The victim was released from St. Charles Hospital after being treated and the incident is still under investigation.