Suspect caught in robbery of $50,000 from casino machines

Published 12:00 am Monday, November 6, 2006


Staff Reporter

BRISTOL, VA-Elizabeth Williams, 24, of LaPlace was apprehended by U.S. Marshals in the Eastern Tennessee district on October 30.

Williams, who fled the Riverbend Palace Casino during her night shift after allegedly stealing over $52, 000 and business documents was located at an apartment complex in Bristol, VA.

Lisa Triche, a manager of Riverbend Palace Casino, said, &#8220Security cameras caught Williams on tape as she went around to the machines and emptied them and then left the premises.”

&#8220The security guard realized Williams had left after someone came looking for change at the casino. When seeing that Williams was not in the building the guard immediately reported it to the sheriff’s office,” Triche said.

U.S. Marshall Supervisor Ronald Donaldson of the Western Tennessee district office said Williams was caught through the combined efforts of of a special national fugitive apprehension task force and local authorities.

The state of Louisiana had issued a state warrant for Williams’ arrest.

&#8220We usually get information that is sent out to the U.S. Marshals or through special task force operations and solid local information passed on to us,” he said.

A press release issued by Louisiana Marshal Brain W. Fair stated that the St. John the Baptist Parish Sheriff’s office had enlisted the assistance of EDLA U.S. Marshals CSFTF to capture Williams.

A deputy in the Bristol, VA sheriff’s office confirmed that Williams is being held at Bristol City Jail and is awaiting extradition. The deputy said she is cleared to be extradited back to Louisiana after Williams waived the right to extradition immunity.

&#8220Williams had rented an apartment and paid in cash for the rental unit and she had an undisclosed amount of cash still in a bag along with receipts to order furniture for the apartment, at the time of her arrest,” said Fair.

Williams was employed as a cage cashier for about a month at the Riverbend Casino.