St. John district school scores raise concern

Published 12:00 am Monday, October 30, 2006


Staff Reporter

LAPLACE-Amid a mixed review of school accountability results and test scores, St. John Parish School Superintendent Michael Coburn could be concerned about the results.

While elementary schools generally showed an increase in academic growth, East St. John Elementary and LaPlace Elementary both showed declines in academic growth.

Spring 2006 school performance scores for LaPlace Elementary were 90.0 down 3.5 points from Spring 2005. This resulted in the school being rated as a two-star school for 2006.

East St. John Elementary declined 10.4 points to 58.1 for a one-star rating.

West St. John increased their scores by 7.6 to 82.4 points resulting in the school being assigned the growth label of exemplary academic growth. West St. John has a one-star rating, but because of the school’s significant growth the school will be eligible for financial awards. West St. John is the only school in the parish to be eligible for rewards.

Garyville/Mt. Airy Elementary and Fifth Ward Elementary both showed minimal academic growth with scores 70.7 and 70.2 respectively and both are one-star schools.

Lake Pontchartrain Elementary also received the growth level designation of minimal academic growth increasing a half point to 61.3 in 2006.

The only school in the system with a three-star rating, John L. Ory Magnet, improved to 120.7 points over last year’s 118.8.

East St. John High school declined 2.8 points to 58.5 and received a surprising performance rating of Academically Unacceptable.

West St. John High School showed academic growth decreased slightly to 60.5 points, and earned a one-star rating.

Schools in decline such as ESJH, ESJE and LaPlace Elementary are usually required to take steps to take corrective action. If declining for two consecutive years to improve test scores, a school can be taken over by the state. However, because of the exemption granted to schools with a large number of displaced students the two-year rule does not apply. No corrective action will be required this year.

School academic growth is based on yearly assessment data and attendance and school dropout rate.

Test score comparisons are compiled by combining LEAP, GEE and LAA1 assessment data.