Suspect in murder not guilty

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Jury finds Torrey Parquet innocent of charges


Staff Reporter

EDGARD – The suspect accused of killing a Reserve man in 2004 as the result of an early morning drive-by shooting was found not guilty Friday on the charges of first-degree murder and four counts of principal to first-degree murder.

The not guilty verdict came as quite a surprise to St. John Assistant District Attorney William O’Regan, who was trying the case against Parquet.

&#8220In my opinion, there was more than enough evidence to convict,” O’Regan said. &#8220I don’t know what particular reasoning they used to reach that verdict.”

The jury deliberated for about three hours before coming to a verdict, O’Regan said.

Torrey Parquet, 23, of LaPlace, was arrested in 2004 for the murder of Byron Davis, 22. Authorities found Davis’ body January 23, 2004 inside of an Oldsmobile 88 alongside Central Avenue in Reserve, dead from a gunshot wound to the head.

Two passengers in Davis’ vehicle, Kewan Fabre and Tramon Dixon, both sustained gunshot wounds and another passenger broke his leg, but have all since recovered. Another passenger in Davis’ vehicle was unharmed.

According to the reports from the St. John Sheriff’s Office at the time of the arrest, Parquet was allegedly riding in the passenger seat of a green Oldsmobile Cutlass that was driven by Javone Martin and believed to be used in the murder. Sheriff’s Office officials said

they believed Parquet allegedly shot Davis in the head from inside the Cutlass, injuring several other people with stray gunfire.

Javone Martin’s brother Joel Martin was also believed to be in the car at the time of the shooting. Javone Martin was indicted on charges of principal to first degree murder and four counts of principal to attempted first degree murder. Joel Martin was indicted on five counts of attempted first-degree murder.

O’Regan said the two brothers are still in custody while the District Attorney’s office determines what action they will take.

&#8220Neither have gone to trial yet,” O’Regan said. &#8220We still haven’t made a decision on where we’re going to go with that.”