LaPlace ninth grader selected to compete in Discovery Channel reality show

Published 12:00 am Monday, October 2, 2006


Staff Reporter

LAPLACE- Adrian Bardales of LaPlace is a die-hard Endurance fan. Endurance is a hit reality competition series that airs on the Discovery Kids Channel and Bardales will make his television debut this fall as he competes in the latest edition of the hit show, Endurance: High Sierra.

The talented teen was selected from among thousands of applicants to be on the exciting reality show that challenges kids to be their best in the ultimate tests of mental and physical endurance.

Adrian, a freshman at Bonnabel High School and LaPlace resident, is a dedicated Endurance fan who has faithfully watched every single episode since the series began. According to this new contestant, he was always convinced that he would one day become one of the 20 competitors. He says that having survived Hurricane Katrina with his family, he feels up to any challenge.

&#8220When I got the call, I was so excited,” exclaimed lucky teenager. &#8220I sent my audition tape in and the called me. I screamed and cried, it was very exciting.”

The series, now in its fifth season, has been nominated for an Emmy and takes the game to new heights this time around with physical and mental challenges that blow away anything the kids have endured before.

&#8220The challenges we faced on this show were the toughest I have ever seen on the show before,” said Adrian. &#8220It was the best time of my life.”

Twenty new kids from across the country must leave all electronics at home such as iPods, cell phones and modern conveniences, then journey to a secret and rugged mountain location near the Sierra Mountains.

&#8220We traveled to Shaver Lake, California. It was hot during the day but I was surprised when the temperatures got down to like 30 degrees at night. We lived in tree houses. One for the girls and one for the boys,” said Bardales. &#8220California is the most awesome place I have ever been.”

New to this season, fans picked two of the contestants by casting their votes online. There were nearly a million hits to the Endurance fan site at

The goal of the contestants is to collect 13 pyramid pieces of Endurance. The kids must compete in a series of innovative and intense games that test their mental and physical abilities.

This year, the winning team receives a once-in-a-lifetime fantasy vacation. But as loyal Endurance watchers know, it takes more than just winning the challenges to come out on top- the contestants must strategize with their teammates to overcome the maneuvering and crucial alliances that are hallmarks of the competitive show.

The host, creator and executive producer, JD Roth said, &#8220Being on Endurance is a life-altering experience for every kid who is selected. With only the sun, moon, stars and each other, these kids have no choice but to get to really know each other. They learn to dig deep within themselves when someone says they can’t do something. They learn to overcome first impressions and prejudice and they build tremendous self-confidence by tapping into skills they never even knew they had.”