Pay raise for Monica, Robottom may be illegal

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Last raise was in 2006 budget, parish law mandates two-year waiting period


Managing Editor

LAPLACE — A pay raise for Nickie Monica could be illegal, according to the St. John Parish Code of Ordinances.

The last time Monica got a pay raise was in the 2006 budget, when it went from $70,667 to the current $81,267, according to Chief Administrative Officer Natalie Robottom.

The pay had been at $70,667 for the past six years, she added.

However, the parish’s own Code of Ordinances states in Section 2:105 (B): &#8220The annual compensation of the Parish President shall be fixed at $32,000 and may be increased by a two-thirds vote of the entire council not more frequently than once every two years.”

Later amendments have raised that pay to the current $81,317. The major change of the ordinance, besides the amount, would tie the chief administrative officer’s salary to 80 percent of the parish president’s pay.

The St. John Parish Council postponed action Tuesday without discussion.

In that ordinance, Councilman Dale Wolfe is proposing a 42 percent pay increase for Monica, from $81,317 to $115,260, as well as a 31 percent raise for Robottom, from $70,400 to $92,208.

This would set Monica’s salary equal to that of Sheriff Wayne L. Jones and tie the CAO salary to 80 percent of the parish president’s salary.

Councilman Steve Lee made the motion during the meeting to table the proposal for further review.

He later said, &#8220I can tell you it is in question. There’s some issues our attorney is studying.”