Job Corps offers training for teenagers, young adults

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 28, 2005

GEDs classes, job referrals available


Staff Reporter

CARVILLE — The Carville Job Corps Academy is looking to provide quality education and training to local youngsters ages 16-24.

The Job Corps enrolls students to learn a trade, a high school diploma or GED. Upon completion of the program, Job Corps also help its graduates find jobs. Most of the jobs pay very well according to Academy Director Herb Fritts.

&#8220The average wage for kids leaving the center is $8.70 an hour,” Fritts said. &#8220That’s just the average though, some kids are making a lot more than that.”

Fritts says the academy focuses on three main components they try to instill in the academy’s students: education, life skills, and a vocation.

&#8220A lot of the students we have come from the low income side,” Fritts said. &#8220Some of them are good achievers but don’t have good life skills such as being on time, being able to take orders and other things they need to be able to function in society.”

The program lasts eight months and the students live within the facilities as they attend the academy.

Fritts thinks by offering these children not only the proper job skills, but also the proper life skills will help them become productive members of society and reach their potential.

&#8220Even if I educate you and give you a trade, if you can’t do things a normal worker does, like showing up on time, they’re going to have problems.”

St. John Parish Housing Authority Director Joe Johnson fully supports the Job Corps program and is planning a tour of the facilities for local kids sometime in January.

&#8220It’s a great program and I really support it,” Johnson said. &#8220We’re trying to promote this (the academy) not just for our community, but for all communities.”

There are about 50 beds available to prospective students, according to Fritts, and he would love to see more familiar local faces fill those beds.

&#8220We would like to get more kids from the parishes around us. We see a lot of kids from New Orleans, but not too many from around here,” Fritts said.

If you think Job Corps might be for you or your child contact Joe Johnson at (985)-652-9036 or the Carville Job Corps Academy at 1-877-396-9535.