Destrehan Air Force Junior ROTC display their colors

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Students from Destrehan Air Force Junior ROTC present the colors at home football games and at numerous school and parish functions.  The four-person Color Guard team train after school three days a week for two hours to learn the art of exact precision and teamwork necessary for flawless presentations.  During the playing of the National Anthem and all eyes are on you, it takes extreme discipline and practice to ensure you look perfect and make no mistakes.   Destrehan’s JROTC reputation for excellence is well known and request for our cadets to present the colors for prestigious events include: New Orleans D-Day Museum &#8220Night With the Allies”, Laplace Knights of Columbus annual tribute to the military, Valero R

efinery Veterans Day Tribute,

Norco Christmas parade and

Caesar Mardi Gras parade.  In

addition to presenting the colors

at events, cadets also compete at

Drill Competitions where they are judged in inspection and regulation.  To win at Color Guard competition and receive a trophy, cadets as a team must perform a sequence of movements with exact precision and timing.   Color Guard teams are practicing for their first drill competition at Higgins High School on December 3rd.