St. John installing sewer plants

Published 12:00 am Monday, November 28, 2005


Staff Reporter

LAPLACE — St. John Parish will enter into an agreement with URS Corporation to install temporary packages treatment plant at the River Road Plant, which allows an additional 100,000 gallons a day of sewage.

The St. John Parish Council authorized this project with a 5-4 vote at Tuesday night’s council meeting, but not without several opinions.

Councilman Dale Wolfe, Allen St. Pierre, Cleveland Farlough and Councilwoman Jaclyn Hotard did not support this project, because they saw it as too much of a band-aid, instead of just fixing the problem.

&#8220We need something long-term, this is just a waste of money,” Hotard said. &#8220I cannot support this.

Parish President Nickie Monica disagreed with Hotard and said he recommended this project, because at least it would be a &#8220step in the right direction,” and explained why it would not be a waste of money.

&#8220This is not an answer, but something short-term until we build a new plant,” Monica said. &#8220After a few years, and the new plant is built we can sell the temporary packages and make our money back.”

Councilman Steve Lee agreed with Monica saying that it is better than nothing at all, and he would support it considering that after it is used, the parish can sell it.

The cost of the project will be around $200,000 and will take two to three months to complete, and be ready for use.