Sales tax holiday approved by Blanco, Legislature

Published 12:00 am Monday, November 28, 2005


Staff Writer

BATON ROUGE — Just in time for the Christmas Holiday, the residents of Louisiana will receive a present from the state’s sales tax.

&#8220I think it’s a great concept to keep the Louisiana consumers in Louisiana.” Rep. Robert Faucheux stated last week.

During the special session of the House of Representatives, Item 7 introduced by Gov. Blanco, to suspend state sales tax statewide for one day in December 2005. The item not only passed overwhelmingly, but was also extended for Dec. 9-11.

Purchases made during the three-day period will exclude the sales tax, except for the purchases of automobiles and items exceeding $2,500.00.

&#8220This will be considered also before the start of the next school year. To give the parents and students some form of help with the costs of supplies and equipment and the state would continue this on a yearly basis.” Faucheux added.

The session also passed by overwhelming votes, both bills that involved The Recovery School System. One bill would re-construct the state’s entire school system while the other would only involve the failing systems.

&#8220I voted to include the failing systems into the Recovery System, but with the overwhelming votes for both of the bills, the senate will now decide which will advance to the Governor’s office.” Faucheux commented.

The school systems involved in the Recovery System will be placed in the Type 5 Charter System. According to Governor Blanco, the Recovery System will work together with the area’s current school administration to better accommodate the students to excel and achieve the expected criteria needed for the students’ educational level.

From the list of failing school systems, prior to the hurricanes of 2005, more than 50 percent of the systems were located in the New Orleans area.