Riverside Beta Club gets school assembly induction

Published 12:00 am Monday, November 21, 2005

Academic achievement being promoted with school-wide ceremony, attended by all



RESERVE – When you think of pep rallies at the high school, it usually involves support for the football team winning a big Friday night game.

But Riverside High School Principal Heidi Duhe thinks there is another good reason for a school pep rally.

&#8220I think we need to make just as big a deal about academic achievement,” she said.

So that was why she supported the idea to have a school assembly to sit in on the Beta Club Induction Ceremony, which was held on Thursday at Riverside.

New inductees into the Senior and Junior club were introduced, while officers from both clubs explained the qualities needed to become a part of the service and leadership organization.

&#8220I think this was great since it shows the support the school is giving for academic success,” Senior Beta Club President Katie Gravois said. &#8220And the club is really good since it promotes service and leadership, two things you really need as you get ready for life outside of school.”

Parents of the students were also invited to the ceremony, and the entire Riverside student body listened respectfully to the entire ceremony conducted by Beta Club officers.

&#8220We want these students to be shining stars in front of all the students,” Senior Club Advisor Debbie Mustian explained. &#8220And I think it was great we gave them this public opportunity.”

Gravois, who has been with the Beta Club for seven years, was quick to agree.

&#8220We usually do this at night, without many people there,” she said. &#8220So to do it with the entire student body here was really neat. Hopefully it will make a lot of others try to seek the things we teach in the club, which are achievement, character, leadership and service.”