Four FEMA trailer sites set for St. John

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Two located on East Bank, two located on West Bank, Parish President Monica says


Staff Reporter

LAPLACE — St. John Parish has worked with F.E.M.A and has agreed on four sites to place temporary trailers on property already zoned for mobile homes.

Parish President Nickie Monica said two of the four sites are located on the West Bank, which are called the Alvin Perret site and the Lionel Bailey site, both located on Hwy 18.

The third site is the Riverside Mobile Home Estates site, located on NW 18th St. The fourth is the Lemoine site located in the Bayou Steel area in Crevasse.

“These properties are already zone property for mobile home development,” Monica said. “F.E.M.A is doing all the engineering with the water, sewer and the streets.”

He added, “Once that is done they will come up with a cost estimate and start construction.”

He said the goal is to help the residents that are housing displaced people, and working with F.E.M.A to find the places zoned properly to temporarily house evacuees.

“We want to remind people that this is to help evacuees of Hurricane Katrina,” he said. “This is only temporary. The properties will not be used for this forever.”

Monica said temporary housing is up to 18 months.