Salvation Army asking for local volunteers

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 28, 2005



LAPLACE — Just when the massive Salvation Army hurricane relief operation was getting into full swing, yet another disaster hit.

With Hurricane Rita striking Texas this past weekend, the large group of Southern Baptist Texas Convention (SBTC) workers who were here to help–75 of them–were forced to head back home to help in their own towns.

That has left the Salvation Army operation on Airline Highway here in LaPlace in desperate need of volunteers from our own community.

“We need help for clerical jobs, food preparation and mostly a lot of labor jobs to just do all the work needed here,” Capt. Julie Cornett told L’Observateur. “Just call us and we will probably find something you can do to help.”

The Army has received some reinforcements from Florida and Virginia from two other Baptist groups, but that has totaled about 40 workers, leaving them still in need of assistance.

Additionally, the Salvation Army is maintaining about 120 workers of their own on site.

“When Rita hit Texas it really created more problems for us,” Cornett added. “The people we had left to go home and help, and we’ve just been praying for some help since then.”

Anyone interested in helping should call 359-5700 and ask for Capt. Cornett.