St. Rose evacuees return from Memphis

Published 12:00 am Monday, September 19, 2005


Managing Editor

ST. ROSE — The Latour family in Bar None Estates was one of the fortunate few – relatively little damage to their home.

Wayne and Susan Latour, along with their daughters, Aimee, 15, and Kristen, 9, had packed a few belongings, including the family photo collection, and evacuated to Memphis, ahead of the storm.

Recently, they arrived back home to find their house pretty much intact.

“From the front, it looked almost like nothing had happened,” Susan said.

First, the water and telephones were restored, and now, cable and internet access is back as well.

“The house did fine,” she said, and reported only some minor damage to the pool sheds in the back yard, one of those blown apart, and some siding damage, which was quickly repaired. A rear fence, curiously, has dropped several inches.

Inside the two-story house, there was no damage. The Latours had scrambled to Memphis in a hurry, without even boarding up their windows. When they returned, every window was intact.

During the visit, Kristen relaxed on the sofa, watching Nickelodeon, while Aimee caught up on the Internet, turning to smile briefly. Kristen has located her boyfriend, and Aimee found her prized American Girl doll waiting for her.

However, Susan remains on guard against the remainder of the 2005 hurricane season. She still has strong memories of riding out Andrew in LaPlace, after which the couple decided never to ride out a large storm again.

Near the front door, still in boxes, are her precious family photographs in three boxes.

“They’re staying boxed until hurricane season is over,” she said.