To our readers:

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 1, 2005

Hurricane Katrina was a heavy blow to our community. We are temporarily unable to publish your L’Observateur. We will try to keep this Web site updated with your comments in our Guestbook and as circumstances allow other local news.

If you have a story or photos to share, and have the ability to send them, please forward them to our sister newspaper in North Carolina – the Daily Herald. Address them to They will post them on the site as soon as possible. This includes any messages you might have for loved ones, or names of people you are trying to reach.

We know this isn’t the perfect method of communication but it is a start.

We are confident that our community will rebuild and be even better in the future. For now, our prayers are with you and all our neighbors, and our hopes are for better days ahead.

L’Observateur staff