Montz fire rating improves for area

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 11, 2005

MONTZ — Fire insurance has improved in Montz and may result in decreasing fire insurance rates for residential and commercial properties.

The Property Insurance Association of Louisiana contacted St. Charles Parish Official that the Public Fire Protection Classification for the Montz community (fire district 11) has improved from Class 5 to Class 4 for residential and commercial properties.

This accomplishment was achieved by improving protection in the district. Residents in the Montz community should contact their insurer to see if they are entitled to a reduction in their fire insurance rates, which is effective Sept. 5 to all in force policies and endorsements.

St. Charles Parish President Albert Laque said the local volunteer fire department personnel have demonstrated their commitment. “I commend them and thank them for all they continue to do for everyone in St. Charles Parish,” he said.