The down time that is the month of July in the world of sports

Published 12:00 am Monday, July 18, 2005

It’s offical. We have hit what you would call “lull” in the world of sports.

You can see it everywhere. Sports sections, L’Observateur included, aren’t as big as they were in the months of May and June and what they are going to be in mid-August.

Outside of Major League Baseball, there are not any major sports going on right now and you can see it taking its toll on the sports fans of the world.

I know that this time comes every year, and I keep telling myself every year that I am going to be ready and have “other” stuff to do, but in reality, the time passes and you just want to jump off the top of a building because you are so bored with nothing going on in the world of sports.

So what to do, what to do, what to do? I am going to take this time to pass on some of my remedies that I have discovered worked in the past to help the sports fan get past this dark time when there truly is not any sports on the television or available to go and see live.

Perhaps the biggest thing that one can do is expand their overall “view” of sports.

What do I mean? I mean that we all follow football, basketball and baseball. When those sports aren’t available to follow, you have got to find other sports.

A big example in this time of boredom is the world of golf. Now, I’m not telling you to go join a golf club or anything, but the British Open, the oldest of golf’s majors is on this weekend at the absolutely beautiful St. Andrew’s Golf Course. St. Andrews is known as the “birthplace of the game of golf.”

Did I forget to mention that as I am writing this story on Thursday morning, some guy named Tiger Woods is leading the tournament after the first round of action?

Another very fascinating story that I find myself following is the path that 15-year-old Michelle Wie is trying to blaze. The Hawaii native is in a match-play qualifying tournament where she is the only girl. While many might say, why care about some tournament she is in, here is a bit of information. The winner gets an automatic berth in the Masters next year.

Can I just tell you how big of a story it would be if a then 16-year old girl who hasn’t graduated high school qualifies for the Masters? Poor Hootie, and no I am not talking about the Blowfish, would have a heart attack.

What else can you follow? Personally for me, I will be watching the last couple of stages of the Tour De France, or should I say the Tour De Lance as Lance Armstrong tries for an unbelievable seventh straight title.

Arguably the greatest athlete in my 25 years on this earth, Armstrong has dominated one of the most grueling events in all of sports. Add to that the fact that he nearly died from cancer. Are there really any words left to describe the greatness that is Lance Armstrong?

For you football junkies out there, just remember that the countdown to NFL training camps is less than three weeks away. Fans will start breaking down depth charts and seeing what free agents will make the team and what free agents are “busts”.

Last week we broke down the Hornets, so now we are going to take a look at the Saints.

One of my biggest questions marks is at wide receiver. When the Saints signed Az-Zahir Hakim to a contract, the talk was that he is going to battle for playing time as the third wide receiver. While that is all good and fine, my bone to pick is why did they sign a third wide receiver when they really don’t have a second wide receiver?

There is ABSOLUTELY no questioning that Joe Horn is one of the top wide receivers in all of the NFL and soldily entrenched as the Saints number one receiver. However, Donte’ “Drops and injured hamstrings” Stallworth hasn’t proved to me that he can be the type of receiver that you can line up on the other end of the line across from Horn and not allow opposing defenses to double-team Horn.

Don’t even get me started on Aaron Brooks. One of the most underachieving players in the history of the organization, it is amazing to me how Brooks still has the confidence of the Saints coaching staff and in turn has not seen any legitimate competition at the position be either traded or outright released.