Opening stroke keys Riverlands to victory

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 5, 2005


Sports Editor

LAPLACE-The freestyle was literally its name last Thursday in Riverland’s defeat of Belle Terre.

A free victory that is.

Behind a very solid start in the freestyle, the Sting Rays defeated Belle Terre last Thursday, 303.5-236.5

Riverlands outscored Belle Terre 69.5-38.5 in the freestyle. The rest of the strokes were very close as there was only a 10-point margin in the backstroke, a nine-point margin in the breaststroke and three-point margin in the butterfly.

“I felt like my team really had a solid meet,” Riverlands Head Coach Erin Fritscher said. “We knew that the meet against Belle Terre was going to be one of our biggest challenges and we were able to step up to it.”

Fritscher said that the freestyle was one of the biggest keys to the Sting Rays victory.

“I felt like our victory in the freestyle was big,” Fritscher said. “I also felt like our performance in the relays was a big reason for our victory as well.”

Jeffery Cupit, Courtney Bates, Emile Cupit, Kelsey Richoux, Merry Guidry, Kyle Wilking and Eric Anderson all took home multiple first place finishes for the Sting Rays against Belle Terre.


Wesley Melacon- 2nd free, 2nd back

Jeffrey Cupit- 1st free, 1st back, 1st breast

Grace Richoux- 2nd free

Courtney Bates- 1st free, 1st back

Cameron Torres-2nd free, 2nd back, 2nd breast

Albert Hane-1st free, 3rd breast

Emile Cupit- 3rd free, 1st back, 1st fly

Andre St. Martin-2nd free, 2nd back, 2nd fly

Jack Young- 3rd free, 2nd breast

Maddie Guidry- 3rd free, 3rd breast, 3rd fly

Gabbie Montz- 1st free, 2nd breast, 2nd fly

Kelsey Richoux- 2nd free, 1st breast, 1st fly

Matt Torres- 2nd free, 2nd breast, 2nd fly

Kayleigh Smith- 3rd free, 1st back, 2nd fly

Merryn Guidry- 1st free, 1st breast

Lauren Smith- 2nd free, 3rd back, 1st fly

Kyle Wilking- 1st free, 2nd back, 1st breast

Bryan Comiskey- 3rd free

Jeanne Loisel- 3rd free

Molly Hutchins- 1st free, 3rd breast, 3rd fly

Hailey Montz- 2nd free, 3rd back

Derrick Waguespack- 3rd free, 2nd back, 3rd fly

Ross Brignac- 2nd free, 1st breast, 2nd fly

Macie Waguespack- 3rd free, 3rd back, 3rd fly

Hayden Caishio- 3rd back

Natalie St. Maritn- 2nd back

Keegan Smith- 3rd back, 1st beast, 2nd fly

Patrick Cupit- 3rd back, 3rd fly

Ashley St. Pierre- 3rd back

Maggie Kippes- 2nd back

Josh Cupit- 2nd back, 3rd fly

Eric Anderson- 1st back, 2nd breast, 1st fly

Ali Young- 2nd back

Laura Hane- 3rd breast

Ashley Wilking- 2nd breast

Charlie Arcneaux- 3rd fly