Bad starts continue to plague Belle Terre as Piranhas fall to Hill Heights

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 5, 2005


Sean Doody- 3rd free, 2nd back, 2nd breast

Hayden Roy- 2nd free, 2nd back, 2nd breast

Meredyth Buisson- 3rd free, 3rd back, 1st breast

Andre Rutledge- 2nd free, 2nd breast

Kelsey Felton- 3rd free, 3rd fly

Gage Alleman- 1st free, 1st back, 1st fly

Derek Felton- 3rd free, 2nd breast, 2nd fly

Madalynn Buisson- 2nd free

James Krawczyk- 3rd free, 1st breast, 3rd fly

Garrett O’Hanlon- 2nd free, 2nd back, 2nd fly

Ashton Torres- 3rd free, 3rd back, 2nd breast

Taylor Duhe- 3rd free

Jennifer Broussard- 1st free, 2nd breast, 1st fly

Lauren Broussard- 1st free, 1st breast, 1st fly

Lloyd Guillot- 3rd back, 3rd breast

Rebecca Grote-3rd back

Hunter Songy- 3rd back, 1st breast

Cari-Jane Roussel- 2nd back, 2nd breast, 2nd fly

Blaine Tatje- 3rd back

Coti Roussel- 1st back, 1st breast, 2nd fly

Ryan Cressionnie- 1st back, 1st breast, 2nd fly

Lauren Krawczyk- 2nd back, 3rd breast

Madison Torres- 3rd breast

Madalyn Torres- 1st breast

Evin Pousson- 3rd breast

Jesse Malbrough- 1st breast

Chas McGaff- 3rd breast

Brittany Schoen- 2nd breast

Will Grote- 3rd fly

Rebecca Simon- 3rd fly

Outscored, 73-35, freestyle continues to be achilles’ heel for Piranhas


Sports Editor

LaPLACE-If you take out their start the last two meets, Belle Terre has had two outstanding performances.

However, you can’t do that.

Falling behind early again in the opening stroke, the Piranhas could not defeat Hill Heights Thursday night, losing 293-244.

Once again the story of the night was the freestyle as Hill Heights defeated Belle Terre 73-35.

“I have been apart of Belle Terre for a long time,” Piranhas coach Monica Scioneaux said. “And freestyle has never been one of our strongest strokes. We seem to always start out falling behind.

“Tonight I have to say that my swimmers swam great. I was missing a lot of my older kids that would have picked up points and given us a better chance to win. I had to make due with what I had and they swam phenomenal. They were excited about it being our last meet.”

Scioneaux said excluding the freestyle, her squad swam one of their best meets of the season.

“I think that is definitely a positive that we can look at,” Scioneaux said. “After the fly, I pulled the team together to get ready for relays. I told them that it wasn’t over yet. We still had a chance to come back. They wanted it, they just weren’t able to get it.”

Hosting the invitational meet, Scioneaux said she is confident that her team will have a solid performance.

“For the team that we have this year I would say yes,” Scioneaux said. “I can honestly say this season that I did not have one meet where I had every single swimmer there. For some reason this year, that was a problem.

“I think that we are going to do very well next weekend. My entire team is going to be there because the invitational is at our pool. That is an advantage for us that it is at our pool. We are going to work on a few last-minute things in our practices. I’m excited and definitely looking forward to next weekend and I know that my team will be ready.”