Belle Terre holds annual member-member golf tournament

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 22, 2005

LAPLACE – The annual Belle Terre Country Club Member-Member golf tournament was a competitive affair to the wire this past weekend, with the team of Jerry Higgins and Joe White capturing the top spot as things concluded on Father’s Day.

Higgins and White came in with a net score of 60 for the two-day event, taking the first place prize in the popular local tournament.

Matt Lawless and Mike Cho took second with a 61, while there was a logjam at 62 with five teams coming in at that spot. After the tie-breaking system was used, a playoff was held that was taken by the team of Tommy Casse and Alan Lax for the third place finish.

Low Gross winners in the tournament were A.J. James and Jeff James, with Donnie Savoie and Scott Martin Jr. taking second.

A Low Quota prize was given for the top three teams, using a formula that involved team and individual play. Taking first in that category was Steve Lee and Frank Bourdonnay, with second going to Gary Walters and Henry Zahn, while Casse and Lax took third place.

Here are complete final net scores for those entered.


60-Jerry Higgins and Joe White.

61- Matt Lawles and Mike Cho.

62 – Tommy Casse and Alan Lax.

62-Gary Walters and Henry Zahn.

62-Steve Lee and Frank Bourdonnay.

62-Pat Scullen and Tom Mathis.

62-Lawrence Dorso and Steve Bean.

63-Ken Spatz and Mark Trosclair.

63-Wayne Boudreaux and Ralph Harcomb.

63-Greg Miller and Willie Arnet.

64-Mashit Wadhwa and Mike Mayes.

64-Ray Froeba and John Vankenegan.

64-Kenneth Dufore and Larry Quinn.

65-Charlie Miller and Will Clause.

65-Herman Mancuso and Rod Migliore.

65-A.J. James and Jeff James.

65-Lee Fisher and Alan Chabert.

65-Robert Ducote and Bill Barkley.

65-Donnie Savoie, Jr. and Scott Martin.

66-Vic G. and Phil David.

67-Jason Hardtegan and Greg Barre.

67-Steve Young and Robert Guilmino.

67-Pete Ford and Pete Ford.

68-Rick Fernandez and Clayton Hartgen.

69-Mike Shane and Mike Shane.

69-Pete Graffannino and Al Dulliam.

69-John Frabielle and Pat Morton.

75-John Trainor and Brian Hornung.