Mt. Airy sewer problems back on council plate

Published 12:00 am Monday, May 16, 2005


Staff Reporter

LAPLACE – The request to progress with the short-term solution to the Mt. Airy and Garyville sewer problems was once again continued for two more weeks at the St. John the Baptist Parish Council meeting Tuesday night.

Councilman Allen St. Pierre said he plans to take action at the next council meeting.

“My main concern is alleviating the problems these residents are going through,” said St. Pierre.

“Every time it rains, hard or not, the residents in this area cannot use their bathroom facilities. They have to go to a restaurant or store, because the sewer line is so backed up.”

St. Pierre said after removing the table on Tuesday night, he quickly decided to continue it due to comments made by Councilman Steve Lee saying he would not support this.

“I don’t see what the problem is in proceeding with this,” said St. Pierre. “The money to do it has already been budgeted. It’s not like we’re having to find a way to get the money. We already have it.”

St. Pierre said $200,000 is to be used to upgrade the lift station on Museum Street and to renovate the Garyville Sewer Plant.”The sewer plant on River Road is already to capacity,” said St. Pierre.

“The upgrading of the lift station on Museum will allow more sewerage to flow through,” St. Pierre added.

According to St. Pierre $500,000 was allocated last year on December 29 to fix the sewer problems in Reserve between East 33rd Street and West 19th Street, should soon be in progress, he said.

“There are many and deep sewer problems in the area,” said St. Pierre. “The people in this area (Mt. Airy/Garyville) should not have to live like this any longer.”

St. Pierre said even though there are too many problems dealing with the regional sewer plant, he still supports Lee with it.