Homeless LaPlace pooch joins Coast Guard crew as mascot

Published 12:00 am Monday, May 16, 2005


Staff Reporter

RESERVE – The U.S. Coast Guard Station of New Orleans paid a visit to the St. John the Baptist Parish Animal Shelter to pick up a new friend for the crew.

Petty Officer Jason Thompson said this particular animal shelter was recommended to adopt a dog.

“Out of everyone we called, they (animal shelter) were the nicest ones we talked to,” said Thompson.

Thompson said the dog would be used as a pet for the station, like a mascot. The dog will go out on the boat, running in the morning and to keep the Coast Guard company at night.

Animal shelter Manager Linda Allen said they decided to name the dog, “Cod,” which stands for commanding officer dog.

Allen was extremely pleased about the visit.

“It makes me feel great that the Coast Guard chose us,” said Allen. “We feel honored. Our main goal is to find good homes for the animals, like Cod is going to.”

Allen said the animal shelter continues to work hard trying to get a new facility and to prove to the community that they do have “very, very nice animals” up for adoption.

The animal shelter has waited over 10 years for a new facility to house the animals, and is waiting for the construction to start.

The selling of four acres in Reserve to the Research Fumigation Company, LLC in the amount of $168,000, where $42,000 of the proceeds from the sale was to be set aside for construction of the new animal shelter, was delayed at Tuesday’s council meeting due to inadequate advertisement, according to the St. John the Baptist Council.