Destrehan boy loses foot while bicycling on tracks

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 4, 2005


Staff Reporter

DESTREHAN – Harry Hurst Middle School student Vergil Speed stays strong after the accident on the CNR tracks crossing Longview Drive in Destrehan.

Speed, 13, of Destrehan was riding his bicycle over the railroad tracks on April 30 when his bike got stuck in one of the rails, according to his mother Deanna Speed.

“After his bike got stuck in the rail, he slipped,” said Deanna. “His foot got caught when the train started to move.”

The train was stationary before the accident, but then began to move. Speed’s left foot was severed by the train, according to Deanna.

“He (Vergil) said after it happened, he went hopping around screaming for help,” said Deanna. “He was taken to Charity Hospital.”

Deanna said he was later transferred to University Hospital and is doing okay.

“He has been strong,” said Deanna. “He hasn’t broken down yet and hasn’t cried. I asked him if he realizes what has happened and he said yes, but he is being very strong.”

Deanna said Vergil’s leg had to be amputated from below the knee, and he will be able to get a prosthetic leg.

“There was a man there (at the hospital) who was in a motorcycle accident a few weeks ago who got his leg cut off,” said Deanna. “He showed and explained to Vergil how to use it.”