River Parishes Hospital parent company merges

Published 12:00 am Monday, May 2, 2005

RESERVE- LifePoint Hospitals, River Parishes Hospital’s parent company, have merged with Province Healthcare, creating a hospital focused on healthcare services in non-urban communities.

More than 18,000 LifePoint affiliated employees provide healthcare at 50 hospitals in 20 states.

LifePoint centers on its “High Five” principles to deliver high quality patient care, support physicians, create excellent workplaces, invest in our communities, and ensure financial responsibility.

River Parishes Hospital CEO Scott Boudreaux said as LifePoint grows, it puts the company in a stronger position to serve it’s local community and patients.

“As part of the LifePoint community of hospitals, our hospital has a proud history of meeting the needs of our community,” Boudreaux said, “We are fortunate to be part of a growing company that shares commitment.”