No known link to St. John Parish

Published 12:00 am Monday, May 2, 2005


Staff Reporter

HAHNVILLE – The bodies of five men may be linked to a possible serial killing involving Lafourche, Terrebonne and St. Charles parishes.

An unidentified body was found Thursday afternoon in Kramer.

“A farmer was plowing his field and saw a body,” said Public Information Officer Larry Weidel of the Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office. “It was in the drainage canal about 100 to 200 yards from Hwy 307, stretching from Hwy 90 to Kramer,” said Public Information Officer Larry Weidel “The farmer contacted authorities, and we came out to find the body floating face down.”

Weidel said St. Charles and Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office and Houma Police Department were invited to join in the investigation.

Weidel described the body to be a white male, possibly in his late 20s, early 30s, wearing blue jean shorts.

“The body seemed to have been in the water two to three days,” said Weidel. “There was no sign of trauma. It could have been dumped here, because it is a remote area without a lot of traffic. His body was taken to the Jefferson Parish Coroner’s Office to determine the cause of death and hopefully to determine the identity.”

A meeting was held Monday involving Attorney General Charles C. Foti Jr, Lafouche, Terrebone and St. Charles Parish Sheriff Office to discuss available resources for more analytical research on the killings possibly linked to a serial killing, according to Chief of Investigations Maj. Sam Zinna of the St. Charles Parish Sheriff Office.

Weidell said the Attorney General’s Office will be the point of contact for the media concerning further investigation on the possibility of a serial killing.

“We did not develop a task force,” said Zinna. “We are continuing to coordinate our efforts and to find resources to gather research and support.”

Zinna said only five bodies have been linked to be a part of a possible serial killing. The five are linked, because of similarities of the ages ranging from 18 to 30 years old, the manner of death, the area the bodies are found and living a high risk lifestyle of being out late alone, he said.

Out of the five linked, all have been black males, with the possibility of three white males found, but have yet to be linked to the killings, according to Zinna.

“There are two white men found recently missing from 2000,” said Zinna. “This is Lafourche’s case and has not been liked the other killings.”

Included in the five is Anoka P. Jones, whose body was found October 2002 beneath the I-310 overpass in the public works yard in Boutte.

“Anoka was found by one of our officers doing his routine check,” said Zinna. “It was determined that he was missing from Houma and was killed from affixation by strangulation.”

Zinna said they have not yet determined where Jones was killed, but speculate he was not killed underneath the overpass.