Reserve roads are a hazard, say residents

Published 12:00 am Monday, April 11, 2005

Rotten tree on Railroad Ave., overgrown shrubs on West 15th, need immediate address


Staff Reporter

RESERVE-A rotten tree and a mass of overgrown shrubbery are two possible hazards to residents in Reserve that need to be addressed by the parish, a concerned citizen says.

Terry Ferrygood, of Reserve, said he is trying to make council members aware of a rotten tree behind one of his properties off Railroad Avenue. The tree appears that it may fall over at any time and is infested with fire ants.

Also, on West 15th Street, there is a heap of overgrown bushes and weeds that extends up into the power lines and out into the street.

The bushes present a road problem because it makes it difficult for local drivers to be aware of what is down the street or around the corner from them.

The tree, which is on Railroad Avenue between Northwest 12th and 13th streets, has been seen by Councilman-at-Large Cleveland Farlough, who said he believes it is on private property.

“I did go to see it some time ago,” said Farlough, “and tried to look and see if there was something I could do about it, but it is not on parish property.”

Ferrygood and Jocelyn Hart, who lives in the residence in front of the tree, maintain that it is the parish’s responsibility because it lies within the servitude that separates their houses.

On West 15th Street, just off River Road, Ferrygood said that a school bus has been coming through and trimming the bushes and weeds, but the mass still extends about two and a half feet into the street.

Ferrygood said that the parish came through about three or four weeks ago and clipped some of the trees around the wires, but didn’t touch the bushes.

Farlough said that no one has yet contacted him on that matter, but that he will go out and look at it.

“If it is something of safety hazard, (Ferrygood) probably has a point,” Farlough said, “We should see if something could be done about it.

Ferrygood also says there are servitudes that need to be cleaned up. He cleaned up the servitude behind his own property, but the servitude runs on for four or five lots.

“I don’t want to get anyone in trouble or make it like I’m complaining,” Ferrygood said, “I just want to get these things done.”

On West 15th Street, another neighbor said the servitude on side of his property needs to be cleaned, too.

“I get fined if I don’t keep my grass cut, and look at this” he said gesturing to the tangled mess of bushes and high weeds beside him.

According to the Department of Public Works, no request for a work order has been filed on any of the sites.