Captain Charlie’s fishing guide sponsored by RainbowBY DAVID FOLSE II

Published 12:00 am Monday, March 7, 2005

Sports Editor

LAPLACE-When you think of expert fishing, you think of Captain Charlie Thomason.

When you think of a great deal on a automobile, you think of Rainbow Chevrolet-Pontiac.

It was only a matter of time before the two got together.

Rainbow Chevrolet-Pontiac and Captain Charlie Thomason recently teamed up to produce the Captain Charlie Thomason Fishing guide. The guide can be found on Captain Charlie’s website at

The head of Bayou Charters, Captain Charlie shows residents the best places to fish in South Louisiana and how to catch the most fish.

Mike Beebe of Rainbow Chevrolet said when he met Captain Charlie, the two instantly hit it off.

“I was in the market for a boat,” Beebe said. “I met Captain Charlie at the boat show. He was representing a boat dealer as well as some fishing seminars.

“When we met, we talked about my potential boat purchase, which I ended up buying and we also discussed putting him into a Suburban with graphics for his business. So we got a vehicle for him showing him catching a great deal at Rainbow Chevrolet. It was really a mutually beneficial advertising agreement for both parties.”

Having one of the most recognizable faces in the area riding around in a Rainbow Chevrolet vehicle has done nothing but enhance the dealership’s prestige throughout the city.

“Captain Charlie runs around in the Suburban getting a lot of attention from the graphics wrap and ask him where he got the vehicle,” Beebe said. “He can tell people the story about how I bought a boat from him and we outfitted his vehicle. It helps both sides.”

For those interested in the guide, you can log onto Captain Charlie’s website at .

Fans of Captain Charlie can also log onto to view a commercial with Captain Charlie catching a great deal at Rainbow Chevrolet.