Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 3, 2005

Staff Reporter

EDGARD – An alleged murderer, an accused attempted murderer and an alleged leader of an 18-month burglary ring are scheduled for court appearances this month, according to the Clerk of Court Office in Edgard.

Tyrone Raymond, charged with first degree murder; Bobbie “Red” Caulton, booked with attempted first-degree murder and Alton Placide, who faces 46 counts of business burglary are scheduled to appear in court this month.

Raymond, a former LaPlace resident was arrested in Brownsburg, Indiana last year for a crime committed over four years ago.

After his capture, Raymond was brought back to St. John the Baptist Parish. He will stand trial before Judge Mary Hotard Becnel on March 21 for the April 2000 murder of LaPlace taxi driver, Janice Fugate.

Raymond is scheduled for a motion hearing on March 9.

District Attorney William O’Regan will prosecute the case.

Caulton is a LaPlace resident arrested in Brownard County, Florida on Aug. 20, 2004 for the alleged Aug. 6, 2004 rape, beating and mutilation of a woman he was accused of leaving for dead.

Extradited back to the parish, Caulton is scheduled for a motion hearing by Becnel on March 9. He is scheduled for trial on April 18.

Caulton was originally scheduled for trial on Jan. 18, but was granted a new trial date after his newly-appointed defense attorney requested to review the results of DNA evidence secured during the investigation of Caulton’s alleged crime.

O’Regan will prosecute the case.

Alton Placide Jr. was arrested on Oct. 2, 2003 and was later indicted by a parish grand jury.

A March 16 hearing has been scheduled with the Louisiana Crime Lab to review evidence against Placide.

A March 28 hearing was booked to request a change in venue for Placide’s trial.

District Attorney Barry Landry will prosecute the case.

Also scheduled for March 21 is a status hearing on James Cambre.

Cambre is a LaPlace man who pled guilty on Oct. 25,

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2004 to drug charges.

In return for his plea, Cambre was given a 25-year prison term and was allowed to remain out-of-jail until the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal reviewed a motion ruling made by Becnel during his drug trial.

On March 21, the Court of Appeal will render its decision on the judge’s ruling.