Fun with Folse

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 16, 2005

David Folse II

The best time of the year is approaching

The best time of the year is nearly here.

It’s the month of March.

Now, my favorite time of the year is not just because it is the same month of my birthday, although for everyone out there that wants to send presents, it’s March 26.

I love the month of March because it means post-season basketball has arrived.

It’s my Christmas Day, but it is for the entire month.

On the high school front, state championships will be decided and on the college front two words that send chills down my spine; March Madness.

First to the high schoolers. The River Region area has a chance for another special season as three teams in my opinion have a chance to take home championships.

Let’s start first with the Reserve Christian Eagles. Tim Byrd’s squad is dominating Class B and all classifications for that fact. Behind Demond “Tweetie” Carter, the Eagles are the overwhelming favorites to take home the championship.

Across the river, Antoine Edwards’ West St. John Rams are on an unbelievable roll and are perhaps a better team since they lost one of their best players. 21-2 heading into their games this week, the Rams have a balanced scoring attack and go 10-12 players deep which will do nothing but benefit them in their drive for the Cajundome.

On the women’s side of the ball, what is left to say about Kevin Branch’s Reserve Christian girls team? Behind the Smith sisters, the Lady Eagles are scoring on teams like they are playing a video game. I would be shocked if they were not the last team standing in Class B in Hammond later on.

Now let’s switch over to the college front. March Madness is almost here, let the countdown begin.

Who reading this hasn’t skipped out of work, or class for that fact on the Thursday and Friday of the first weekend to just sit back and watch college basketball? For me, I also watch my brackets go south after about the first two hours.

The NCAA Men’s and now Women’s Tournament are perhaps the two greatest things in collegiate sports. The reason I believe this is true is because the potential of upsets. Anyone, I mean anyone, has a chance to beat any team on any given night. It’s not like football where the most talented team usually wins nine out of 10 times. Just ask the Iowa State, South Carolina and Arizona’s of the world. Watching the little teams like Coppin State, Weber State, Santa Clara and Valparaiso to name a few shoot lights out and come away with the big upset is always fun.

Not as experienced with the Women’s tournament as I am with the Men’s, I also can’t wait for that. I used to have to wait during my off days for the men to resume going to class and stuff. Now the women’s games are during the off days for the men. How great is that!!! Watch out for those Lady Tigers of LSU as they make a run for a return trip to the Final Four in Indianapolis and the school’s first National Championship.

Go buy the hot dogs, ice down the cold drinks and for you readers out there over 21 the “adult beverages” and get comfortable on the couch or recliner because you are going to be in for a treat that only comes around once a year.

So get ready for a great month of basketball everybody!

THE MADNESS IS COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!