Fun with Folse

Published 12:00 am Monday, December 27, 2004

David Folse II

Sports Editor

Local sucess and LSU questions

What a time to come aboard the River Region sports scene!

Wow, I thought I grew up in a region of successful high school football on the northshore and later in Baton Rouge.

Man was I wrong!

This past season was an unbelievable year for this area in football. We all know about Ryan Perrilloux and his exploits, but he was far from being alone.

West St. John, St. Charles Catholic, and East St. John completed the trifecta, sweeping the All-State MVP awards in 2A, 3A and 5A. Congratulations go out to those schools for their outstanding programs.

Let’s step back and think about this: three schools from this area had three of the five best football players in the entire state. Cities consider it an honor to get maybe one in a lifetime, so three in a single season is a dream!

A special congrats go out to the three players on their outstanding season. Patrick Jackson of West St. John helped the Rams go out where they ended last season, as the state champions. With stats to boggle the mind, 3,018 yards and 53 touchdowns.

Tyrell Fenroy was named Class 3A All-State MVP afer a season in which he rushed for 2,176 yards and 39 touchdowns to help the Comets to yet another successful season.

Of course we all know about Perrilloux. Honestly, what is there left to say about the senior quarterback? What words can you use to describe him that haven’t been used yet? Plain and simple, he is a college coach’s dream recruit the effects of his decision could wind up coaching several coaches their jobs.

Shifting gears, unless you just arrived on the planet earth from Pluto, you’ve heard about what is going on at LSU and the possibilities of Nick Saban leaving to coach the Miami Dolphins in the NFL.

With everyone believing, or wishing as a better description, that they are in “the know” when it comes to what is going on at LSU, rumors are flying around at LSU. One day it’s Saban’s leaving, no he’s staying, of course he’s leaving, he’ll never leave.

The bottom line is that LSU fans will know whether or not Saban is leaving when he decides. Saban has all the power in this situation. He can decide to take the job or not and he knows he has the LSU job for as long as he wants.

One thing is for certain is he will be coaching the Tigers when they take on Iowa in the Capital One Bowl on whether he has been named head coach of Miami or not. In an ironic twist, the last time a Nick Saban team made it to the Capital One Bowl was five years ago when Saban’s Michigan State Spartans took on Florida. He did not coach Michigan State because he was on his way to Baton Rouge to take the LSU job. I guess the more things change, the more they stay the same!

Let’s assume for argument’s sake he leaves. Who takes over? The biggest question that must be asked is who will make the decision, Skip Bertman or the Board of Supervisors? Assuming that it is Bertman (and that’s a big assumption) all signs have him offering the job to former Cleveland Browns and Miami Hurricanes head coach Butch Davis. When he could read the writing on the wall in Cleveland earlier this season, Davis inquired about the Cleveland job and has shown interest in coming down to TigerTown.

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