‘Food for Families’ drive needs help to assist the needy

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, November 30, 2004

LAPLACE – Thanksgiving is just passed, and while most of us enjoy the bounty that we all have, that is not the case for everyone in this area.

Many families and individuals are struggling more than you can imagine, and that is the reason L’Observateur is sponsoring the first annual “Food for Families” program.

We have asked the public to nominate someone they know who is in need of some help this holiday season, and already it is apparent there are many in this community who could use some assistance.

Just a sampling of those nominated so far are these:

“This lady and two others live right near the middle of town, and they are very poor and could use some help.”

“Single mother with three small children struggling to make ends meet.”

Here at L’Observateur, we are asking the community to join with us this holiday season to help some of these needy families. We are asking businesses and individuals to join us as we try to bring a little bit of cheer to so many who are not as fortunate as most of us.

We will be collecting non-perishable food items, as well as monetary donations that we will use to purchase food. The food will be boxed up and personally delivered to needy families and individuals on Saturday, Dec. 18.

You may bring donations to the L’Observateur office at 116 Newspaper Dr., (just off Main St. Behind the New Home Ministries Church). Or you can mail monetary donations to “Food for Families,” c/o L’Observateur, P.O. Box 1010, LaPlace, La., 70069.

The deadline to donate food is Wednesday, Dec. 16.

100 percent of all donations will be used to bring food to needy families this holiday season, said L’Observateur Publisher Kevin Chiri.

“So many of us have it so good,” Chiri said. “And we want to join with so many others at this time of the year to try and return something to those who need some help.

“We don’t pretend to think that a single box of food will completely fix the problems for some people with great needs. But sometimes it’s just the effort to show you care that can mean so much,” he added. “We hope many in the community will join us in this endeavor.”

Chiri is hoping that local businesses will take the food drive on as a project themselves, perhaps having a box at their office and asking each employee to bring a few items that can be dropped off at the newspaper.

Additionally, many clubs or organizations could hold similar drives for food that will help families or needy individuals get some help.

“I was involved in a similar program in Slidell before coming to LaPlace, and we were all surprised how many people right in our own neighborhoods need help. There are especially many senior citizens on fixed incomes who are greatly helped with a box of staple food items that can provide quite a few meals,” Chiri said. “These are the kinds of people we plan to help.”

We are also asking for nominations of families or individuals who need a food box. You can nominate someone by filling out the form at the end of this story and mailing it to the address listed earlier in this story, or dropping it off at the L’Observateur office.