Getting the job done

Published 12:00 am Thursday, October 14, 2004

It isn’t always easy for the top public officials in the parish to work hand-in-hand. Sometimes the power that goes with such positions makes it difficult.

So you have to admire the quick action taken by St. John District Attorney John Crum, and Sheriff Wayne Jones this past week.

An oh-so-momentary dispute arose last week when a big bust was held locally. Some words were exchanged suggesting that some of the repeat offenders who were on the streets, getting arrested again, weren’t being prosecuted effectively enough. In response, there was some insinuation that some of the evidence being given to prosecutors may not have been what was needed.

Clearly there was some tension from the top two law enforcers in the parish, and that wasn’t a good thing for the law abiding public.

For two public officials such as Crum and Jones, it might have been easy to dig in their heels and claim that it wasn’t their fault.

But to their credit, both of them quickly resolved the matter this past week.

A get together that included L’Observateur media members made it clear that there was one top priority in St. John Parish, and that was for the district attorney and the sheriff to work together for the good of the public.

Not only did they publicly make it clear they will work together to put criminals behind bars – and quickly at that – but they explained some specifics to make sure the coordination from both sides was already in place.

Although the sheriff and district attorney positions are elected jobs, there is only one thing the public really cares very much about, and that is the prosecution of those who break the law.

Jones and Crum took a big step to show the public that their priorities are in the right place, and for that, the citizens of the parish will be that much better.