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Published 12:00 am Thursday, October 14, 2004

New road needed here


With the continuing growth of St. John Parish, increased vehicular traffic, especially in the LaPlace area, has made alternate routes urgently necessary.

The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development is now proposing a left turn lane at LA 44 and Elm Street (LA 3223.)

They will probably add a signal light at that location, which will further impede the flow of traffic during peak hours.

A simple solution to improve traffic flow from LA 44 to north LaPlace, at probably less cost, would be to complete the roadway from LA 44 to US 61 between River Parishes Hospital and East St. John Elementary School.

Often, I wonder why persons in authority don’t analyze and see viable alternatives, before implementing elaborate expensive projects.

Perhaps I am obsessed and wrong in trying to get this road completed, but I see a lot of positive impact.

This road would: 1) Alleviate traffic congestion at LA 44 at Elm Street (LA 3223) and Hemlock Street (LA 3224) by diverting traffic for north LaPlace residents to this new route; 2) Provide direct access to the Noah Playground for north LaPlace residents; 3) Provide plant employees direct access to north LaPlace; 4) Provide direct access to East St. John Elementary School and River Parishes Hospital for south LaPlace residents; 5) Shorten response time for law enforcement and emergency personnel; 6) Shorten travel time and mileage for some school bus routes. LaPlace area bus routes presently face ever increasing travel congestion; and 7) Provide an additional evacuation route in emergency situations.

The above are some of the positives that I see. If there are any negatives, the positives far outweigh them.

Public involvement can make the road a reality. Since 1981, we have worked on this project. Twenty-three years is long enough.

It will be done someday.

Why not now?

Dowie L. Gendron

St. John Parish School Board Member, District 50