Riverside recognizes “Kids with Character”

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 6, 2004

Riverside Academy initiated a monthly program called “Kids with Character”.

The program is designed to recognize and reward students who exhibit the characteristics that we most want a Riverside student to possess.

Students in Pre K 3 – first grade enjoy ice cream, and students from 2nd grade through 12th grade enjoy pizza for lunch.

These characteristics are: good manners, strong work ethic (effort), helpfulness, responsibility, working at the student’s full academic potential, good conduct, good attitude and school spirit.

Students in grades Pre-K 3 through 12th grade participate in this program.

Kids with Character for September are:

Pre K 3 – Chloe Trosclair and Christopher Paciera

Pre K 4 – Brett Stein and Emilio Chinchillo

Kindergarten – Leila Ahmad and Cameron Cook

1st grade – Drake Perret and Sheridan Menard

2nd grade – Ashton Daughtery and Sean Mohon

3rd grade – Blake Morris and Devin Audiffred

4th grade – Amber Smith and Kori Bourgeois

5th grade – Kelsi Roussel and Heather Cancienne

6th grade – Matt Nobile, Mandy Montz and Andrew Vicknair

7th grade – Ellie Kliebert, Amber Englade and Mamie Cortez

8th grade – Jessica Goodrum, Ashley Forstall and Brittany Naquin

9th grade – Danielle Landry and Dominica Shubert

10th grade – Jeffrey Bell and Brooke Tramonte

11th grade – Lisa Lambert and Meredith Miller

12th grade – Stacie Campiere and Heidi Gros