Teen allegedly tries to kill St. John deputy

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 21, 2004

By VICKIE JAMBON – Staff Reporter

GARYVILLE – A deputy shot out the front tire of a vehicle right as the driver of the automobile accelerated in an attempt to run-down the officer.

Deputy Graham E. Saturley and Deputy Blane Rome with the St. John the Baptist Sheriff’s Office were patrolling the Garyville area Thursday at 6:30 p.m. when Saturley recognized a familiar black Ford Thunderbird.

When the Thunderbird drove near the officers. patrol car, Saturley identified the vehicle’s driver as 18-year old Alonzo Bolden, who resides at 184 Historic East St., Garyville.

Bolden was allegedly wanted on outstanding warrants.

Saturley told Rome to follow Bolden. As Rome drove near the Thunderbird, Saturley positively identified the car’s license plate and contacted the Sheriff’s office.

The deputies followed Bolden looking for a convenient spot to pull the car over. When they found the right area, Saturley turned on the patrol car’s lights and sirens in an attempt to pull over the Thunderbird.

Authorities say Bolden did not pull his vehicle over. They allege he kept driving and eventually drove through Marathon Oil Refinery’s main entrance on Marathon Avenue.

After passing two gates, the Thunderbird allegedly turned into the refinery’s third gate and passed concrete barriers in an effort to drive towards the guard shack.

A female security officer came out of the guard shack and ran towards Bolden’s vehicle. The T-Bird allegedly slowed down but then sped up and passed the security guard.

Authorities allege the guard had to maneuver out of the car’s path before it hit her.

Rome allegedly followed Bolden into the oil refinery’s parking lot and positioned the patrol car in the front of Bolden’s vehicle.

Thinking the Thunderbird had stopped, Saturley got out of his patrol car and drew his sidearm from its holster. He allegedly pointed the weapon at Bolden and ordered him to turn off his vehicle and to show his hands.

“Alonzo, turn off the car,” shouted Saturley to Bolden.

Bolden is accused of accelerating the Thunderbird and racing the car directly towards Saturley.

Saturley fired his weapon three times into the T-Bird’s passenger side front tire.

With a deflated tire, Bolden allegedly sped past Saturley and drove towards a security truck that tried to block the car from entering into the refinery’s main processing area.

The main processing area was filled with volatile chemicals, hazardous materials and plant employees.

Narrowly missing the guard truck, Bolden is accused of driving the Thunderbird into the plant.

Jumping back into the patrol car, Saturley and Rome allegedly chased Bolden before the Thunderbird finally stopped and Bolden got out.

After Bolden got out of the vehicle, the car began to roll down an incline. Bolden jumped back into the Thunderbird and stopped the car before getting back out of the vehicle and running into one of the refinery’s processing units.

Saturley and Rome allegedly ran after Bolden before Saturley drew his gun and ordered Bolden down to the ground.

Bolden was physically restrained and escorted to the patrol car where he was read his Miranda rights. He was charged with attempted first-degree murder of a police officer, aggravated assault, contempt of court, reckless operation of a vehicle, entering and remaining in places after being forbidden, two counts of flight from an officer in a motor vehicle and two counts of resisting an officer by flight.

Bolden’s Thunderbird was transported to the Sheriff’s Division for further processing.