Alleged crack house crumbled

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 19, 2004

By VICKIE JAMBON – Staff Reporter

LUTCHER – An alleged drug dealer and four alleged drug users were apprehended by Lutcher police officers in a sting operation involving crack cocaine.

Chief Corey Pittman with the Lutcher Police Department said he and five officers forced open the back door of 2294 Lionel Washington St. on June 11 at 6:15 p.m. to arrest the occupant of the home along with three others.

The five police officers showed up in marked police cars after Pittman radioed for police back-up.

Pittman, was sitting in an unmarked car watching the house owned by Jerry Perkins Sr., 53 when he saw Josh Johnson, 34, of 114-B King Ave., go into the residence.

When police broke into the home, Versie Jackson, 36, 2301 N. Courseault St. and Cadera Jones, 49, 3122 Reverend Samuel Jones St. in Paulina, were also in the dwelling.

“Two were in the back bedroom getting ready to use crack and two were in the living room hanging around,” said Pittman.

Police allegedly found two pieces of crack cocaine in a dresser drawer located in the back bedroom. Another piece of crack was reported found behind the dresser.

“It looked like it was raining crack. It (crack) was being dropped as we searched the house, ” said Pittman.

Two pieces of crack were also reported thrown on the bedroom floor while officers entered, Pittman added.

According to the Chief of Police, drug paraphernalia was also reported found scattered throughout the house. Police found one push rod in the bedroom, a push rod on a kitchen table and a crack pipe in the bathroom.

Pittman said Perkins’ family owned the home and that they gave him permission to enter the house without a search warrant.

Neighbors and family members had complained about alleged drug traffic in and out of the house, Pittman said.

Police had the house under surveillance for about six months.

Jackson, Johnson, Jones and Perkins were each charged with possession of a Schedule II controlled dangerous substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.