LaPlace Elementary 2003-2004 Les Tigerettes hold Awards Banquet

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 4, 2004

Press Release

The 2003-2004 LES Tigerettes held their Award’s Banquet on Thursday, May 20, 2004. The Tigerettes are a Dance and Drill team, directed and sponsored by Donna Duplessis. The team consists of 17 members of seventh and eighth grade girls of LaPlace Elementary/Middle School of LaPlace.

Each Tigerette member received a jacket and participation trophy.

Other awards received:

Participation of Mardi Gras 2004 – Krewe’s of Little Rascals, Mercury, and DuMonde awarded to Skyli Bourque, Amber Delatte, Shelbi Rayborn, Madison Smith, Blair Fleming, J’da James, Mariah Wilder, Ariana McGee, Briana Nesbit, Brittany Thiele, Shambrika Townsend and Casey Stephan.

Banner Carriers – Amanda Tamplain and Amber Sutton.

Participation of Mardi Gras 2004 – Krewe’s of Little Rascals and Mercury awarded to Chelsey Gossett, Alondria Smith, and Ashley Wiley.

Certificate of Perfect Attendance awarded to Madison Smith and Blair Fleming.

Certificates presented for the following: Most Helpful – Madison Smith and Shelbi Rayborn. Most Improved Dancer – Skyli Bourque. Most Enthusiastic Dancer – Ariana McGee.

A small gift of appreciation was presented to the following parents/friends for the contribution of their time to the team – Tracy Delatte, Rebecca Rayborn, Violet Fleming, Valerie Stewart, Yolanda Smith, Lisa Wilder, Samantha McGee, Laurie Francois, Alma Townsend, Alton Braggs, Sierra Townsend, Pam Stephan, Larry Stephan, Jacqueline Thompson, Christine Oubre, Donna Duplessis and Sharon Tamplain.

Also presented was an 8 x 10 group photo of the team to Dr. Courtney Millet, Principal and Mrs. Gail Creecy, Asst. Principal.

2003-2004 LES Tigerettes pictured from left to right: First Row: Amber Delatte, Blair Fleming, Casey Stephan, Ariana McGee and Madison Smith. Second Row: Alondria Smith, Shambrika Townsend, Skyli Bourque and Shelbi Rayborn. Third Row: Brittany Thiele, Whitney Jackson, J’da James and Chelsey Gossett. Not pictured are: Donna Duplessis, Director/Sponsor, Mariah Wilder, Ashley Wiley, Tammy Murphy and Briana Nesbit.