Students create portfolios

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 26, 2004

By SUE ELLEN ROSS – Staff Reporter

LAPLACE – Although most adults pride themselves on having a good memory, they will probably be hard-pressed to tell you what they did years ago in their grammar school classroom.

Not so with students in the first-grade class at LaPlace Elementary School.

This is the third year that teachers Amy Gros and Shayla Weier have guided their first-grade pupils through a semester-long project, The Writing Portfolio.

The end result is a large homemade book complete with ring binders, the contents reflect assignments and experiences while in the classroom from September to May.

The unique project came into play when the teachers took advantage of In-Tech courses offered by the parish. These courses use specific software, Kids Work Deluxe.

The portfolio project introduces children to the computer, via their input while writing stories. A voice will read back to the child what they just typed in, so they can stay on top of their assignment.

“This program has a tutorial to teach children to type,” said Gros. “Some kids can pick up computer skills easily, while others need some help.” This is common with their age, she added.

Contents in the portfolios were a compilation of assignments gathered during the year.

In addition to the stories, the portfolio contains a letter to the students from the teachers; a list of all their classmates names and signatures; their school picture; and other miscellaneous writings.

Another assignment was given on the 100th day of school. Children were asked to choose an item they would like to own in a total of 100, and why. “I chose 100 tablets, because I like to write,” said Kayla Ceaser, 7.

Mason Jackson, 7, chose 100 pair of earrings. “Then I would have some for every single day,” she said.